Podiatry Services

NATIVE HEALTH and NHW Community Health Center provides Podiatry services through Midwestern University. If you have a foot or ankle problem, you can make an appointment at no charge for the Podiatry Clinic.

Pediatric Foot Complaints

Foot problems in children are many and varied and can range from the relatively simple (e.g., warts, rashes, ingrown nails) to the complex (e.g., clubfoot, intoeing, flat feet, heel pain). Some children are too young to explain what the problem is, but they may not want to participate in sports or ask to be carried at the mall because of foot, knee, or leg pain. 

Whatever a child’s concern, they will most likely benefit from early diagnosis and treatment. In some cases, the recommended treatment will be watchful waiting, but at least a parent and child can receive a measure of peace of mind by making an informed decision.

For more information about podiatry or to make an appointment, please call 602) 279-5262, ex. 3441 or email Agarcia@nachci.com