NATIVE HEALTH Community Garden

NATIVE HEALTH proposes community garden near corner of Central Avenue and Indian School Road.

NATIVE HEALTH proposes to create a community garden to teach and share basic fundamental Native American stories, practices, customs related to crops, plants, herbs and the healing elements of food as it relates to health and the social networks. It also envisions a space to create a healthier environment, renew kinship, and work on building a sustainable community within a greater system in which we all exist.
The various sections of the gardens and walking path will allow community members to learn about the different plants; its meaning, uses and its purposes in various Native American tribes in this region. Various sections and areas of the community garden are reserved to teach on planting, maintenance of gardens, harvesting, recipe sharing and cooking demonstrations. Walking paths create and support outdoor activities to tour and the various sections of the garden to share and learn from each other. Through this garden we hope to connect people with the basic and fundamental teachings traditionally offered by many Native American Tribes of Arizona.

All community members and interested organizations are welcome to attend the first planning meeting on Tuesday, January 7, 2014, from 9:30am-11am at NATIVE HEALTH, 4041 N. Central Ave., Building C, 2nd Floor Conference Room, Phoenix. For more information please contact Evelina Maho, HP/DP Director at (602) 279-5262, ext. 3313 or email: