Children's Food Insecurity in the Summer: the Role of Clinicians and Health Providers in Connecting Children to the Summer Meals Program

Wednesday, June 15, 2016, 1:00pm PST

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Summer presents a number of challenges for vulnerable children and families – which include food insecurity for millions of children. While over 20 million school-age children receive free or reduced price lunches during the school year, only 3 million children receive nutritious meals during the summer months through the Summer Meals Program. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) funds this program for children under 18 years old. Food insecure children often experience poor health outcomes including higher rates of chronic diseases and a higher risk of behavioral issues. Programs such as USDA’s Summer Meals Program are critical to ensuring children receive meals during the summer months while school is not in session.
This webinar will highlight how clinicians and other healthcare providers who care for vulnerable children can play a role in addressing hunger in the summer months. Presenters will discuss food insecurity and describe how to connect children to resources such as the USDA’s Summer Meals Program and HRSA’s Community Health Center network. Additionally, participants will learn how a community health center can serve as a place where children access meals during the summer months and also be connected to important health and social services.
Susan Levy, NATIVE HEALTH Communications Coordinator will present "It’s Easy to Make a Difference! Community Health Centers Can Help Hungry Kids This Summer."